Selston Weather Webcam [1] - westerly view

Bracken House webcam

The camera taking this view is positioned in the window of the upper floor of Bracken House and looks down onto the paddock and stables. To the left of the paddock is the top of the wildflower meadow area whilst behind the stables is the open land between Bracken House and the former Millington Springs Nursing Home.

The camera used is an Axis M1011-W network camera. The camera is configured to create a Motion JPEG image which is uploaded to the server and is served to this web page from there. The WeatherCat software that handles the weather station data also produces time-lapse movies, which are not currently available on this site.

A time-lapse video for the last 24 hours (top) the last 30 days (center) and the last 12 months (bottom) is available courtesy of Lookr. You can find the Selston Weather webcam on the Lookr network here.

Selston › West: Codnor Park − Ripley − Amber Valley District — Play 24 hours Selston › West: Codnor Park − Ripley − Amber Valley District: Play 30 days Selston › West: Codnor Park − Ripley − Amber Valley District: Play 12 month

The camera is connected to the Bracken House network via an Airport Express device which is in turn connected to the network wirelessly. Although a wireless device in itself, the camera did not have a strong enough signal to pass through the internal walls of the property to the network router.